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Precast Concrete Buildings by Superior Concrete Products

Where the Caribbean Sea meets the northern shore of Venezuela, a housing developer is utilizing Superior Concrete molds and technology to cost-effectively build interior and exterior walls of attractive single and multi-family homes.

Our strong, durable products are especially ideal for this tropical geography, where trade winds of great force are common. Superior’s unique formula is engineered to withstand wind, soil and thermal movements, as well as extreme weather conditions. Unlike conventional building materials, Superior Concrete Products won’t rot, decay, decompose, corrode, or succumb to insects or fire damage.

Our client, who received a license from Superior to manufacture these modular building systems, is benefiting from the molds and production equipment, all the standard operating procedures for engineering and installation, as well as assistance with production line start-up, operations, and consulting. For more information on becoming a Precast Concrete Innovator in your country, click on the International Opportunities tab above.