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Product InformationSuperior's unparalleled product line includes the SUPERIOR-WOOD, SUPERIOR-BRICK™, and SUPERIOR-STONE™ wall systems. Having the true ambiance of wood, brick and stone, these modular precast concrete walls and fences satisfy a wide range of applications and tastes. With deep texture on both sides, the warmth and appeal of Superior's products are further enhanced by a high-performance reinforced concrete mix design for optimum reliability and durability.

Produced from patented molding equipment and proprietary manufacturing methods, it is the preferred choice of owners, architects, landscape architects, civil engineers, builders and developers. All products are designed to meet a wide range of standards, specifications and requirements.

Easy installation requiring no heavy equipment and quick repair in case of damage are essential to the success of Superior's products.

Whether your needs include screening walls, perimeter fencing, security walls, low retaining walls, sound barriers, small enclosures or modular buildings, Superior has the best system around.

Primary Benefits

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  • Performance  of masonry construction for less cost
  • Maintenance-free
  • No periodic replacement
  • Increased privacy and security
  • Effective barrier against wind and noise
  • No painting, rotting, burning, termite invasion or cracking
  • Easily repaired if damaged by collision
  • One stop shop and turnkey installation

The Superior Wall System

Superior's modular wall systems use interlocking panels and posts made of high-performance glass fiber and steel reinforced pre-colored concrete. Through its tongue and groove construction, Superior's systems provide seamless beauty and the ability to withstand wind, soil and thermal movements. The system has been successfully engineered to create a unique balance between strength, beauty and reliability.

Because of the innovative design, installation is easier and faster than other types of walls and fences. I-shaped posts are set into concrete piers and aligned five feet apart. Matching panels (five feet long by one foot high) are manually inserted into the molded-in post groove to form an interlocking wall. Precast trim caps textured to match the wall are laid on top posts and/or rails to provide a finished and distinctive look.

Superior's walls have the same wood, brick or stone appearance on both sides. It is an excellent privacy and security fence to minimize the effects for wind, sound, sand and fire. Its inherent beauty requires no maintenance. If damaged by collision, panels can be easily replaced.