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ResidentialConcrete Fences for Residential Applications

Textured to match the true look of wood, brick and stone, Superior's SUPERIOR-WOOD PLUSú, SUPERIOR-BRICKú and SUPERIOR-LEDGESTONEú wall and rail systems add value, permanent beauty and security to your home. An enduring feature of your home that requires no maintenance, these systems are manufactured with glass fiber and steel reinforced panels, posts and trim caps. Systems are versatile to match any landscape and architectural style, adding many years of pride, upgraded appearance, curb appeal and resale value.


Designer Fencing

Each wall system has deep texturing on both sides to provide endless beauty and a neighbor-friendly presence. Whether a wood, brick or stone look is desired, Superior has the system for you. Where a screening wall is not required, Superior's rail system may be the answer. From a 10-foot wall or a 5-foot high 4-rail fence, Superior's systems are the best fences around your home. If a custom look is desired at an affordable price, look no more. A full palette of colors is available. From a natural color to a broad spectrum of earth tones and whites, Superior systems easily complement the look of your home. Superior's products are easily integrated with precast concrete lattice panels, balustrades, cast stone trim caps and wrought iron fences. To complete your fence, Superior can provide a wide variety of gates to complement the look and beauty of the wall.

Secure Structure

The fence blends into your property, adding privacy and security while creating an effective barrier against noise and wind.

Because there is no mechanical bond between the panel and posts, the fence will easily withstand soil and wind movements. Where other systems have fallen down due to floods, high winds and even earthquakes, Superior's walls have been documented to withstand no damage.

No Maintenance

Because the color is blended directly into the concrete mix before casting, no maintenance is required to keep its permanent beauty. Visual details like wood grain, mortar lines, and the "classic brick" look are maintained indefinitely. There is no painting, rotting, burning, termite damage or cracking.

Cost Effective

An attractive alternative to stone, brick or wood fences, Superior wall systems are cost-effective over the life of the fence. Permanency is the key. No repair or periodic replacement is required. Added benefits include enhanced curb appeal, increased resale value and the potential to share costs with neighbors. These benefits ensure for a long-term and sound investment.

Choose the Fence of a Lifetime


  • Beautiful for a lifetime
    Cost competitive
    No maintenance
    Increased value of property
    Upgraded appearance to home and neighborhood
    5-year limited warranty

Unique Benefits

Benefits that add up to permanent beauty, security, and enduring value.

  • Cost-effective
  • Warm appearance of wood, brick or stone
  • Same texture on both sides and neighbor friendly
  • Seamless appearance
  • Maintenance-free
  • No periodic replacement
  • Impervious to weather, water and termites
  • Cannot rot or burn
  • Permanent color
  • Security and strength of concrete
  • Effective barrier against noise and wind
  • Withstands ground movements
  • Functions in all climates
  • Simple, rapid and clean installation
  • Installation requires no heavy equipment
  • Modularized for future expansion