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Superior Fence™ made bullet resistant after gunmen attack substations

Texas Company Develops New Version of Precast Fence Product to Secure U.S. Electric Grid
Superior Concrete Products, Inc., a North Texas-based company, reinforces its exclusive precast concrete Superior Fence™ product and passes an independent ballistic laboratory test affirming the material is bullet resistant when fired upon with .308 caliber FMJ 7.62 NATO ammunition. Utility companies across the country use Superior Fence™ to protect electrical transformers because of its strength, affordability and low-maintenance design. Superior Concrete developed the new reinforced version after gunmen shot through a chain link fence surrounding a substation in California in 2013. In June, the Congressional Research Service, a think-tank for Congress, urged lawmakers to put regulations in place requiring greater physical security around electrical substations.

“Physical security is the most important issue facing the utility industry. An attack on a substation could leave thousands of people without power for weeks. We re-engineered Superior Fence™ in order to make it even stronger, and to provide an affordable, safe option to the market place,” said Superior Concrete Products Founder and President Todd Sternfeld. Superior is the only company in Texas to offer a bullet resistant precast concrete fence. Superior Fence™ is customizable and can be specified to exact size and color, making it an ideal product for other industries, including the residential market.

The test was performed by Close Focus Research, an independent ballistic testing company located in California. An engineer fired a .308 Winchester caliber, 7.62 NATO round from 30 feet away into a section of Superior Fence™, and the precast concrete section of material defeated the round. The test was a modified version of the UL 752 Level 5 Ballistic Standard set forth by Underwriters Laboratories, an independent agency setting safety standards for several industries.

About Superior Concrete Products
Superior Concrete Products,, engineers, manufactures and installs precast concrete walls, fences, structures and more for the substation, residential development and ranching industries. Founded in 1986, the company’s headquarters are based in Euless, Texas. The company wins bids internationally. Superior Concrete’s manufacturing facility is located in Cleburne, Texas, and is certified by the National Precast Concrete Association.