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Superior Summertime Reflection

It is Saturday afternoon, and everything is quiet, which gives me time to reflect. Working with outstanding people while making a living doing something I enjoy is rewarding because it gives me the opportunity to share this time with loyal, hard-working team members that you can trust.

The reason Superior Concrete Products is so successful is because this company is built upon team spirit. My family, the wonderful employees I work with every day, and all of the customers who have supported us through the years are the foundation on which this business has grown. And, while challenges can sometime arise, when everyone’s heart is in the right place people pull together to create a winning formula that works to benefit everyone.

Earl and Janet Sternfeld

Four people deserve special recognition for the major role each has played in the growth of this company. When thinking about how Superior’s winning formula evolved, I realize that my parents planted the seed. My dad, Earl, and my mother, Janet, provided unconditional love, emotional support, business guidance and a willingness to roll up their sleeves to help in any way they could. So, I need to acknowledge Mom and Dad for being great parents, mentors and friends who freely gave years of wise counsel. My love and admiration for my parents will be with me forever, and their influence has been a guiding force behind this business.

Jesus Mirola

Another individual that has contributed to the success of this company is Jesus Mirola. Jesus has worked with me since I started this business in Los Angeles in 1981. He believed and trusted me, when I told him we could make better lives by moving the business to Texas. Together, we’ve built a company that has endured the test of time. With a dedication to hard work, Jesus helped me start Superior Concrete Products’ manufacturing facility in Texas, and he has trained many of our employees showing them how to do installations in the field.

Today, Jesus leads a team of outstanding construction foreman, and he travels around the country overseeing the installation of precast concrete fences from coast-to-coast. In fact, Jesus and his team just completed installing an 18-foot high sound wall for a new train station in New Jersey, and they did an outstanding job! His contributions to the ongoing success of “our” company can’t always be measured, but Superior Concrete Products wouldn’t be the company it is today without Jesus driving our construction team.

One other person who has been a significant contributor to the success of Superior Concrete is Kyle Wilson. This man has been blessing. From the day he started working in 1986, Kyle has taken charge of the business and demonstrated true leadership skills. Even when the economy slowed the construction business to a trickle, he continued to stand strong and remained loyal to the company.

Kyle Wilson

Kyle’s experience is vast. He has done everything from working in the plant manufacturing precast panels to assisting licensees in learning to make and install products in locations around the world. And, on the sales side, he has set up and dismantled tradeshow booths in more places than I can count, plus worked the sales floor as a polished sales rep. As vice president of operations and construction, Kyle has been known to juggle up to ten projects at one time while maintaining high production standards and meeting countless deadlines. This work ethic speaks volumes about Kyle’s passion and dedication to the company. In fact, Superior Concrete just completed our 4,300rd project, and Kyle has worked on the majority of them. By any measure, that is a lot to accomplish within 29 years.

Collectively, the Superior Concrete Products’ team has hundreds of years of building experience. With more than 60 years of combined construction expertise, Kyle and I are experts in the art of decorative precast concrete. As industry pioneers, we have dedicated our careers to making Superior Concrete Products the best builder of concrete fences in the country.

Our dedication to manufacturing and installing excellent products gives everyone on the Superior Concrete team a great sense of satisfaction knowing that the work we do for our customers will stand the test of time. Those miles and miles of concrete fences that we have installed over the years are a testament to the quality of our work. And, we know that our fences will still be standing decades after we have hung up our posthole diggers and levels.

Each of these special people have played an important role in my life, and have contributed to the success of this business. For their support, I am grateful, and deeply appreciative. Without question, Superior Concrete Products has thrived because everyone has worked together to achieve a common goal, and that is to create a business that benefits all – family, employees and customers.

There is much more work to be done. We plan to develop more innovative products, penetrate new markets, and continue building the best concrete fences money can buy. But, none of this can be accomplished without the dedication of a lot a very fine people. I think one of Kyle Wilson’s favorite axioms says it best, “Superior is fencing up America one job at time.” And, at Superior Concrete Products, everything we do, we do together as a team.